First through fourth place are awarded in each class. The winners of all classes in each sex compete for Winners (best) Dog and Winners Bitch.  These wins are awarded points toward a Championship, based on the number of dogs in each sex competing in the classes. The remaining class winners are joined by the runner-up from the class from which the Winner was selected and there are
competitions for second place in each sex, called Reserve Winners Dog and Reserve Winners Bitch. If for any reason the Winner is determined to be ineligible for the points on that day, they would instead be awarded to the Reserve Winner. 

Once the Winners and Reserves are chosen, the Best of Breed competition begins.  This group
consists of any dog or bitch that has finished its Championship, plus the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch.  The dog or bitch that the judge feels best represents the breed standard on that day is
awarded Best of Breed; the best animal of the opposite gender is awarded Best of Opposite Sex; and the better of the Winners Dog or Winners Bitch is awarded Best of Winners.  (The Winners Dog or
Bitch can be awarded Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, as well.) In a Specialty show, the Best of Breed is also called Best in Specialty. In multi-breed and all-breed shows, the winners of
all breeds within the kennel club's breed Groups then compete for Group placements. So, for example, all the Terrier Group Best of Breed winners compete for Group First, Group Second, Group Third, and Group Fourth. 

Finally, the seven Group First winners compete for Best in Show.

Under the Canadian Kennel Club rules, 10 points are needed for a Championship, with wins awarded by at least three different judges, and at least one "major" win of two or more points, with each
win gaining anywhere from zero to five points depending on the number of dogs
competing .  Region is not a factor in determining points for a win in Canada - the point schedule is the same across the country. 

 A dog qualifying for a championship at a conformation show has the designation Champion or "Ch." added as aprefix to its registered name.  A dog that completes a championship (called a finished champion) may continue to be entered in shows to compete for Group (winner of its group) or Best In Show (BIS) honors. A finished dog that continues to compete is called a special.
Owners of Best in Show winners may add BIS or Multi BIS (multiple best in show winners) to their dog's name. There are seven classes per breed in Canadian Kennel Club dog shows: 6-9, 9-12, 12-18 , Open , Bred By  (where the person handling the dog is an owner and breeder of record), Canadian Bred and Specials Only. In some cases one or more of these classes may be
divided by color, height, weight, or coat type.