Breeder Listings

 Skaha Kennel Club Code of Ethics The Skaha Kennel Club (SKC) Code of Ethics is designed to promote high standards among owners and breeds of registered Dogs through the education of Club Members and the Community. 1 GENERAL AGREEMENT a) To abide by and follow regulations set forth by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and to encourage individual memberships with the CKC. b)To provide each dog in my care with humane living quarters, fenced outside areas, Vet supervised health care, proper nutrition, adequate grooming and an environment suitable to nuture emotional stability. c) To teach and promote responsible pet ownership. d) to promote the spaying and neutering of pets. 2 BREEDING AGREEMENT a)To be familiar with the standard of my breed as set forth by the CKC and to breed to that standard in an attempt to improve the breed.
b)To Breed only registered dogs, in excellent health which are sexually mature and free from defects, communicable diseases and parasitic infestations.
c) To breed according to CKC guidelines. d) To provide a pregnant bitch and puppies with proper care, housing, nutrition, veterinary attention, and an environment suitable for stable emotional development. e) To keep accurate breeding records and to register all puppies. 3 SELLING AGREEMENT a) Not to place puppies under the age of 7 weeks and to sell only healthy dogs, sound in  temperament, free from parasites and vaccinated for protection from communicable disease. b) Not to sell any puppy or provide stud service to any Pet Shop, Wholesale Dealer, Puppy-Mill or person who would act as a third party to the above-mentioned dealers. c) Not to provide puppies or dogs for auctions or as prizes in lotteries, raffles, etc. Chenoka Low Chen Nadine Baldwin